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Winter working – keeping airside staff protected

Winter working – keeping airside staff protected

The year-round operation of airports exposes airside staff to brutal weather conditions, not least in winter, when snow and freezing temperatures can pose a number of risks and dangers as staff work tirelessly to keep airports running smoothly. Keeping airside staff fully and properly protected will not only keep them safe but will also keep airports operating throughout the winter months.

Protecting feet and hands

Providing the right support for feet through well-fitting footwear is imperative, but the footwear of airside staff needs to go above and beyond simply fitting well. Footwear for airside staff needs to be durable and hardy, yet light and comfortable. And, of course, waterproof to withstand the driving rain and snow of winter. Our WEARMASTER® range of boots provide the right support and comfort required for the rigours of working airside.

Cold weather can hit hands and feet the hardest, so it’s crucial to properly protect them. Gloves need to be fine enough to work dexterously and come with the right protective elements, without compromising the levels of warmth that they provide.

Providing warmth

Getting too cold can have devastating consequences on health. It’s important that anyone working long hours outside in inclement weather is properly dressed to stay warm. Layers are the best way to keep warm, trapping warm air between items of clothing. A full thermal layer is sensible for the coldest conditions. Brushed fleece inners can be extra cosy, while elasticated cuffs, waistlines and neckbands can help stop heat loss too. You’ll find these features on our WEARMASTER® sweatshirts, which come in nine sizes, ensuring a good fit for all. Quilt lining and storm cuffs on our WEARMASTER® anoraks, and an extra-long length, is the ideal outer layer for airside staff. As 80% of body heat is lost through the head, hats should be worn in winter too.

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