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What to look for in a supplier of airside PPE, protective clothing and equipment

What to look for in a supplier of airside PPE, protective clothing and equipment

When it comes to selecting a supplier of airside PPE there is much more to making the right decision than choosing a company that has an adequate supply of products. Make sure you do your research and take into consideration all the following service requirements to ensure you choose the best supplier of airside PPE and protective clothing to meet your organisation’s needs and keep your airside workforce safe.

Choice and variety

Those working airside do so in a wide variety of roles, all of which present a wide range of risks to be protected from. Working with a supplier of airside PPE and protective clothing that covers all the roles that your workforce undertakes will make life a lot easier and your ordering more manageable.

Contego Aviation Solutions caters for all airside departments, providing you with a one-stop-shop for all your needs. Our wide selection of clothing, footwear and equipment will help you meet your company’s safety requirements and budget, as well as the personal preferences of your employees. We’ve kitted out airside staff that work in cleaning, de-icing, engineering, ground support, logistics and cargo, ramp, re-fuelling and security and border enforcement, so we know what your airside teams need.

Online management portal

An online management portal will give you the insight you need to track your orders, see how much is being spent and how much stock is being used. This data allows you to budget better and make smarter decisions about purchasing.

As part of Contego Safety Solutions, Contego Aviation Solutions offers this essential service to its customers, who can use the online management portal to also control who can authorise spending decisions and set order limits, as well as customise new garments and upload up to five logos to make this process simple.

Uniform design and branding

They may be airside and not front-of-house but the image your workforce presents to your clients and their customers and passengers is just as important. A smart, branded uniform that also keeps workers protected is a must and ideally any new supplier of your airside PPE and workwear should also be able to design and manufacture these items for you.

At Contego Aviation Solutions we understand the importance of a cohesive brand image, that doesn’t stop with your frontline staff. We can brand a wide range of workwear with your logo, using our in-house heatseal and embroidery machines, to make sure your airside staff are aligned with your brand image too and they smartly represent your company on the tarmac and behind the scenes.

Creating new products

At some point you may discover that there simply isn’t an off-the-shelf product that suits your employees’ needs – they may even be the ones to make you aware of an issue with their PPE or protective clothing that is hindering in their work or simply isn’t up to the job.

Our team of safety workwear experts is constantly developing and expanding our product lines in response to customer requests. You can rely on us to be at the forefront PPE and safety workwear technology. Find out how our Research & Development team work closely with clients to create solutions for them, including how we solved an airside safety issue with the production of the WEARMASTER® Aviation Bump Cap. It’s the same team that developed a comprehensive range of items to suit the specific workwear requirements of airside staff, including high visibility equipment and temperature control, chemical protection and flame-retardant garments.

WEARPACK® service

Distributing new workwear and equipment internally can be difficult when you’ve got shift staff working in different locations with a variety of workwear and equipment needs. Our WEARPACK® service helps make the process easier by naming and labelling equipment for you, so that equipment and workwear can reach your employees faster – just send us the list of who needs what and leave the rest to us.

Expertise and knowledge

It’s reassuring to know that your PPE supplier is an expert in the field. At Contego Aviation Solutions we’ve been creating, developing and delivering airside protective clothing and PPE solutions since 1995. Take a look at how we made life easier for catering company Do & Co and aviation services company Aviator with their airside requirements.

Contego Aviation Solutions is your one-stop manufacturer, supplier and distributor of safety clothing and PPE equipment for the aviation industry and more. As part of Contego Safety Solutions, Contego Aviation Solutions is the aviation industry protective clothing and equipment supplier that can offer it all.

For help and advice, or details of the full Contego Aviation Solutions range download the Catalogue now, visit our website www.contegoaviation.co.uk or contact our friendly team on 0800 122 3323 or sales@contegoaviation.co.uk.