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Putting the Personal in PPE

Putting the Personal in PPE

Not all PPE workwear for the aviation industry is created equal and at Contego Aviation Solutions we pride ourselves on providing a genuinely personalised service to each of our clients. From product development, design and manufacture to forecasting and order management, our services are intended to put the personal touch firmly into the supply of all your PPE, protective clothing and equipment.

Product development

Different roles in aviation call for different PPE and safety workwear. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive range of items to suit the workwear requirements of your teams, whether that’s high visibility, temperature control, chemical protection or flame retardant garments. And, if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, we’ll help create it for you, as we did when our Research & Development Team created a new bump cap to solve a serious airside safety issue.

Bespoke aviation uniforms

Smart and professional front-of-house uniforms that perfectly complement your brand are at your fingertips with our in-house embroidery and Heatseal printing services, provided by our parent company Contego Safety Solutions. Your company logo can be expertly incorporated into the highest quality PPE workwear for aviation, ensuring a consistent look and feel across different job roles and promoting a smart brand image.

Thanks to the quality of machinery we use for personalisation (we use Tajima machines and Madeira threads), you can be assured that the garments will stay looking good, even with the rigours of working airside. We have the capacity to produce over 3000 garments a day, so if you’re on a tight turnaround, we can make sure your new uniforms are with you quickly, as we did for Scandinavian aviation services company Aviator.

Time-saving WEARPACK® service

When you’ve placed a large order for aviation workwear, it takes a good deal of organisation to make sure everyone gets what they need. Bob in baggage handling needs a high-vis vest in a size medium, while Michelle in engineering needs a pair of new safety boots in a size 6 and so it goes on, with a single order potentially containing thousands of items for distribution to hundreds of staff in various locations. So Contego Aviation Solutions has made things easier with our WEARPACK® service. You tell us who needs what and we’ll do the organising for you, labelling the packaging of each garment and bundling items together for each individual before they’re dispatched. This makes internal distribution of your safety workwear much easier and saves your precious time.

Online portal for account visibility

If you’re juggling different orders for different departments, things can get complicated (and time consuming) quickly. To spare you from drowning in unnecessary paperwork, Contego Aviation Solutions has an online management portal for each customer, giving total transparency on what items are being ordered on your account and allowing you to carefully track usage. Your online portal is also where you can manage approval and ordering options, track orders and re-order bespoke items quickly and easily. You can even customise new garments and upload up to five logos to make this process even smoother.

Forecasting supply chain management

Our in-house team knows the aviation industry inside out. That means you’ve got a team dedicated to helping you plan for what’s next – whether that’s making sure your warm weather kit is ready for your aircraft engineers for a hard winter or keeping on top of safety legislation to ensure your staff are properly and legally protected. We use supply chain and forecasting software to make sure you’re never caught short – and that should never be underestimated when it comes to PPE.

Contego Aviation Solutions is your one-stop manufacturer, supplier and distributor of safety clothing and PPE equipment for the aviation industry and more. As part of Contego Safety Solutions, Contego Aviation Solutions is the aviation industry protective clothing and equipment supplier that can offer it all.

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