Safety Clothing Product Development

Aviation Safety Clothing Product Development

Working closely with its valued customers, Contego Safety Solutions has created and developed PPE equipment, safety workwear and other health and safety products for a host of industries. In 2017, greater customer demand identified a heightened need to focus on the safety equipment and workwear requirements of airport workers and Contego Aviation Solutions was born. Our own WEARMASTER® range has since been tuned and expanded to include a series of airport workwear and PPE essentials, including aviation essentials such as:

  • Marshalling wands
  • Cargo tie down rings
  • Bypass pins
  • Remove Before Flight flags
  • Bump caps

The WEARMASTER® protective products and safety workwear series is constantly being developed and expanded in line with customer enquiries and feedback. For example our Aviation Bump Cap is the result of customers raising a serious safety concern about head and hearing protection. At times, aviation health and safety managers can find it hard to source the exact piece of safety equipment they need, because it simply isn’t available on the market. This is where Contego Aviation Solutions excels.

We thrive on customer feedback about products that are and aren’t available. This assists us in our aim to design and develop products to completely suit our customers’ exact needs and preferences. Our extensive access to specialists around the world, gives us use of the best tools and equipment to ensure WEARMASTER® safety products are manufactured to specific customer requirements.

Contego Aviation Solutions’ customers no longer need to hunt around for different types of protective workwear or PPE from a variety of safety equipment suppliers. Instead, we take pride in being able to offer a single point of contact, one business which can totally fulfil all safety workwear, work uniform and PPE requirements for the aviation industry.

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What Our Clients Say

"The way WEARMASTER® work with our Health and Safety team has saved us greatly on time."