Aviation Ramp Safety Equipment and Clothing

Aviation Ramp Safety Equipment and Clothing

Airport and airline ramp agents and baggage handlers regularly work in all weather conditions and at all times of the day and night, performing a role that is often physically challenging. Aircraft ramp agent protective clothing and hi vis workwear must therefore be comfortable and practical, no matter the job or the severity of the weather conditions.

Ramp workers operate a variety of heavy machinery, including airport baggage loader belts, trucks and carts. In cold weather, ramp agents will also operate aircraft deicing trucks – another important aspect of airport safety.

These vital roles, heavy duty tasks and differing working conditions make it imperative that ramp agents have the right workwear and safety equipment to enable them to perform to the highest standards, while keeping themselves and others safe from harm.

Contego Aviation Solutions offers a wide range of protective workwear, composite, waterproof and metal-free footwear, and safety products that has been designed to provide work uniforms for ramp agents and PPE that does just that.

The range includes our own WEARMASTER® brand of quality protective clothing, footwear and accessories, such as Passenger Guidance Systems, steering bypass pins, remove before flight streamers, communication equipment, torches and wands, batons, safety clothing, hi vis workwear, safety footwear, safety gloves and other protective products.

Our online ordering facility enables ramp staff to raise their work uniform requests, which are then managed by the purchasing office.

Staff and managers can benefit from full management order tracking and history, with protective clothing orders delivered directly to site and, by using our WEARPACK® service, easily distributed to the workforce.


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