Aviation De-icing Equipment and Clothing

De-icing Safety Clothing and Products

In extremely cold and icy weather, ramp agents regularly operate aircraft deicing trucks and work at height to spray deicer fluids on aircraft and make them ready for flight.
De-icing is a job requiring the highest attention to detail to ensure the aircraft is safe to carry passengers.

The importance of aircraft deicing means that staff require workwear that is not only comfortable and practical, but also fully able to protect them against the elements and keep them focused and able to continue to perform to a high standard when working in extreme cold conditions.

The Contego Aviation Solutions range meets the work uniform and protective workwear needs of ramp agents performing critical airside roles, including de-icing and other maintenance work.

Our range, which includes our own WEARMASTER® brand of quality protective clothing, footwear and accessories, offers protective clothing for de-icing, branded work uniforms and safety workwear for airport staff, such as fleeces, thermal gloves, safety boots, soft shells, thermal vests, long johns and bodywarmers, all designed to keep out the cold.

Contego Aviation Solutions provides high quality work clothing and safety footwear to protect against the elements when deicing and offers ramp agent work uniforms that are comfortable and practical, and can also reflect your corporate brand with our in-house embroidery service, no matter the temperature.

Our user-friendly online ordering facility enables airport deicing and maintenance staff to raise their work uniform requests, which are then managed by the purchasing office.

Staff and managers can benefit from full management order tracking and history, with protective clothing orders delivered directly to site and, by using our WEARPACK® service, easily distributed to the workforce.


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