Aviation PPE procurement and online management

Contego Aviation Solutions – a year of operating safely

Contego Aviation Solutions – a year of operating safely

The potential hazards to workers in the dynamic environment of airside at airports make safety a primary concern for employers. Their investment in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to meet stringent health and safety standards, from high visibility protective clothing to safety harnesses and helmets for working at height is therefore both necessary and significant

Contego Aviation Solutions has continued to work throughout 2019 to provide Airside operating companies with the best service to manage these extensive health and safety requirements. We understand that safety will continue to be a critical business KPI into 2020 for all airside companies and our supportive partnership approach to working with our clients is aimed at helping to meet these performance targets.

Throughout 2019 we have had two key focus points:

  1. Helping our customers achieve the best return on investment (ROI) with the PPE purchased, and
  2. Providing the best aftercare service to help our clients track and audit PPE equipment usage and spend.

Ensuring ROI

We have aimed to give our customers the best value for money possible within the most realistic lead times. We are pleased with the feedback from clients who have experienced the reliability of our service:

“The way Contego Aviation Solutions work with our Health and Safety team has saved us greatly on time.”

“[Contego Aviation Solutions] always find a way around any problem, offering the best quality, lowest price and a service I can trust.”

Our customers report how other PPE suppliers have struggled, having made promises they then could not keep. Lead times offered by other suppliers were often found to be unrealistic, potentially compromising workers’ safety. Contego Aviation Solutions’ commitment to delivering what we promise has once again proven to be the best policy in 2019.

We also continue to believe that the success of our customers is made more certain by a happy workforce. Cheap and inappropriate protective clothing and equipment that is difficult or uncomfortable to wear, or is not up to the job, can negatively affect staff morale. However, providing workers with appropriate, comfortable protective clothing and equipment helps to create a true airside safety culture that encourages PPE to be worn and positively impacts safety statistics. We are pleased to hear customers reporting positive attitudes among their staff to wearing protective clothing and equipment and recognising the investment their employer is making in their welfare.

Product aftercare

Keeping PPE at optimal performance is essential. It is vital to keep track of whether the PPE remains “new enough” to be effective at its role in protecting the wearer while they work in hazardous conditions. Regular cleaning and maintenance, as well as careful storage will increase the longevity of protective clothing and equipment. However, regular audits of clothing and equipment, to check the items’ age and condition, is essential for continued safety.

We have been delighted with the feedback from our customers who have taken advantage of our online management portal, which offers tracking mechanisms for PPE and other workwear, including user usage reporting.

Careful records will also help airside companies to lower the costs to the business, as only the equipment which is needed will be ordered, and can be used for future auditing and budgeting.

Contego Aviation Solutions continues to be committed to the success of our customers. We are proud of these successes in 2019 and look forward to working with you in 2020.

Contego Aviation Solutions is your one-stop manufacturer, supplier and distributor of safety clothing and PPE equipment for the aviation industry and more. Part of Contego Safety Solutions, Contego Aviation Solutions is the aviation industry protective clothing and equipment supplier that can offer it all.

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