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Airside safety hazards – hot weather working

Airside safety hazards - hot weather working

British summertime weather isn’t always predictable, but when a heatwave strikes, airside workers need the right protection against the hazards of hot weather working.

Protecting against overheating

As temperatures rise, safety clothing that’s required to protect against airside hazards can become too warm, causing overheating. Where appropriate and permitted, common sense choices in some airport roles can be made, such as opting for shorts over trousers, and short-sleeve shirts over long sleeves. Lightweight clothing can help, along with opting for items that are breathable and draw moisture away from the skin.

Protecting against sunburn

Long hours in the sun with little shade means a high factor SPF is an essential item. Choose one that protects against both UVA and UVB rays and reapply throughout the day to avoid sunburn. But covering skin is even better, as long as it’s not a fabric that will cause overheating. Heads should always be protected from bumps and a cap, such as the WEARMASTER® Aviation Bump Cap, will also help the wearer to avoid sunstroke and sunburn, while helping to shield eyes from the sun’s rays too.

Protecting against dehydration

Dehydration is one of the most significant risks in a heatwave, but one that’s easily avoided by drinking plenty of water. Supplying employees with water bottles to keep on them or nearby will help encourage drinking enough to stay hydrated during a hot spell.

Protecting against glare

Glare is a significant risk factor at an airport, so it’s vital to properly shield employees’ eyes against blinding sunlight. Appropriate sunglasses and hats that protect against glare are essential items on bright, sunny days.

Protecting against unpredictability

The Great British Summer likes to keep us all on our toes. Sunny spells can quickly give way to rain, so choosing clothing in the summer months that is ready for all eventualities is a smart move. Consider waterproof yet breathable high vis items that are ready for downpours and warm weather alike.

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