Workwear and Work Clothing Case Study

Do & Co (The Gourmet Entertainment Company)

Do & Co is a premium catering specialist operating in 11 countries. They partner with brand leaders such as Nespresso and Demel. Contego worked primarily with them in support of their Airline Catering division.

Initially they expressed a need to partner with a company that could source and supply clothing to fulfil their more obscure and challenging needs. Contego worked hard to fulfil a number of these requests with suitable clothing items which won a place of respect within the purchasing team at Do & Co. A number of the clothing requirements could not be provided from current supply chain resources which led us to develop clothing to fit their special requirements.

We have continually monitored their PPE and workwear requirements which has resulted in consolidating styles and products, reducing costs, inventory and purchasing challenges.

In addition, they make use of our knowledgeable experts, who can suggest products, supply relevant information on standards and legislation. They said “the way we work with their Health and Safety team saved them greatly on time.”

Work clothing and workwear supplier
Work clothing and workwear supplier

What Our Clients Say

"The way Contego Aviation Solutions work with our Health and Safety team has saved us greatly on time."