Aviation Bump Cap Case Study

Heads-up! How our R&D team solved an airside safety problem

Reacting to the needs of our clients is at the heart of what we do and over the years our product development team has developed a host of PPE equipment, safety workwear and other health and safety products that addresses specific safety and other requirements.

So when our team heard about airport ramp operatives still receiving head injuries and scalp lacerations from the impact of stationary metal parts on aircraft and equipment, despite wearing head protection, they knew they had to come up with a solution.

The dangers and hazards of working airside are many and varied, making head protection a crucial safety precaution but what if the head protection itself is causing issues and compromising workers’ safety?

Customers reported that airside workers were experiencing problems when wearing bump caps, because the cap was interfering with the seal between their head and the ear muffs they wear for hearing protection, leaving them vulnerable to injuries from noise.

A unique and innovative design solution

The safetywear design experts within our Research and Development team went to work to come up with a complete head protection solution that:

  • Provides all the required protection
  • Works with ear muffs
  • Fits a variety of head shapes with both stability and comfort
  • Is breathable to help with cooling
  • Is simple and cost effective to manufacture
  • Looks good
  • Can be embroidered with company logos and branding
  • Is durable and of high quality

After several design prototypes and trials, the final result was the WEARMASTER®  Aviation Bump Cap, a baseball-style bump cap with a unique and innovative contoured design that comfortably accommodates ear muffs. Conforms to safety standard EN812, the WEARMASTER® Aviation Bump Cap is specially shaped for stability with an elasticated adjustment strap and also features a smaller peak for increased vertical field of vision, an all-round comfort sweatband and a reflective trim. Manufactured in washable fabric, the bump cap is very lightweight, weighing just 165 grams, making it super comfortable to wear for long periods.

Solving safety challenges

The WEARMASTER® Aviation Bump Cap is an example of our continual innovation process and commitment to listening to our customers to come up with solutions that meet their needs and ideas. Since its launch, the WEARMASTER® Aviation Bump Cap has become a hugely popular item in our range and can be seen in use at airports all over the UK.

If you have identified a particular safety issue or challenge and believe that an existing protective product needs to be modified or that a whole new solution is required, contact our team and discuss your thoughts and ideas. We are dedicated to providing innovative solutions to any safety challenges our customers come up against and welcome the opportunity to work with you to protect your workforce.

Aviation Bump Cap
Aviation Bump Cap

What Our Clients Say

"The way Contego Aviation Solutions work with our Health and Safety team has saved us greatly on time."